Overseeding and Aeration: Why Do They Make a Good Combination?

overseeding and aeration

The key to having the best lawn in your neighborhood is overseeding and aeration. In the summertime, the grass is your yard thins down from all the dry weather and pests. Even though year-round upkeep is the best way to keep your grass healthy, overseeding and aeration are crucial to keeping your lawn thick and lush.


The primary problem in someone’s yard that they tend to overlook is the compaction of the soil. They blame issues with fertilizer, problems with drainage, insects, or disease when dirt compaction is the real issue. To try to fix the problem, they try overseeding. But, it is to no avail considering the seeds cannot establish the roots so they can grow. Even though aeration is doable without overseeding, weeds can grow easier with extra sunlight from aeration without adding grass seed.

Overseeding can give you lush, green grass that feels like you are walking on the softest carpet. Insects, disease, damage from the dry seasons, and an excess of old thatch can contribute to thin or bare areas in your yard.

So, what is the solution to this issue? The overseeding and aeration combo! Aeration improves the airflow in the soil and the nutrients in your lawn. It can be useful with compacted dirt and poorly ventilated or malnourished yards. Aeration can give your yard the perfect openings for grass seed to go into and grow. This new application of grass seed will starve the weed seed by taking all the available water, air, and nutrients needed to grow. Aeration is incredibly useful in getting healthy grass in your yard. But, the combination of overseeding and aeration only enhances the benefits that your lawn may get. With proper overseeding and aeration, your lawn can take on a whole new appearance.

The winning mix of overseeding and aeration will give your lawn a deeper green color, fills the bare spots, decrease the number of weeds, and make you the envy of the neighborhood. You do not need to start all over to get that beautiful lawn. Our skilled Landscape Plus team has a lot of success with lawns overrun with weeds and with patchy, brown grass. We can turn your whole yard around and make it one of the best looking yards around.

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