Lawn Aeration: The What, The Why and The How

lawn aeration

Routine upkeep can go a long way in giving you a lush, healthy yard. But, work generally done once a year can substantially support that routine upkeep. For many property owners, lawn aeration is one of the yearly tasks that help to reduce dirt compaction and to promote the growth of grass. Any yard can benefit from aeration when it is well-timed and correctly done.


Aeration consists of putting small holes into the soil to promote airflow and help water and nutrients reach the roots of the grass. This process aids the growth of roots and gives you a stronger, healthier lawn. Landscape Plus is happy to help you with this if you do not want to do this on your own.


The growing season is the best time to aerate your lawn because it gives your yard a chance to recover and fill any open areas after the removal of the dirt plugs. If you have cool season grass, the ideal time to aerate it is in the early spring or fall and the warm season grass in late spring.


It is always a great idea to water your lawn after aeration. But, make sure not to do your lawn aeration if the dirt is wet or muddy. Fertilizer or weed killer might be beneficial after aeration, but you might want to skip using the weed killer if you plan on overseeding afterward. Aeration and overseeding make a great combination because it gives the grass seed better access to the soil, which helps to make germination possible.


Aeration not only helps reduce dirt compaction, but it helps water to soak deep enough to reach the roots, which is helpful to the small organisms in the soil. Those organisms enhance the quality of the topsoil, break down any thatch that is there, and provide nutrients that are helpful for plant growth. After lawn aeration, those nutrients are much easier to absorb. The holes in the soil that come from aeration give roots the ability to broaden improving the soil quality.

By having aeration on your list of yearly lawn maintenance or regularly performing compaction checks, you can ensure that your yard is at its best aesthetically and healthwise. Landscape Plus will commit to giving you the finest grass seed and lawn care to help you achieve all your lawn goals.

Count on the Landscape Plus team to give you experienced lawn care advice and reliable lawn care equipment to provide you with the outdoor haven that you’ve always wanted.

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